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The opportunity (and need) for community banks to participate in online lending is growing! Industry experts like Goldman Sachs predict that revenue from digital lending will be a major growth opportunity for financial institutions, with more than $30 billion to be earned by 2025.

With digital lending, your account holders can get the funds they need—online and in minutes. Meanwhile, your bank reaps the financial rewards (think, 1995-2005 when overdraft and interchange revenue tripled!) by expanding sales, improving speed of service and efficiency, and enhancing customer satisfaction throughout the entire lending process.

In this one-hour webinar, digital lending expert, Bob Giltner, will educate you about the greatest areas of opportunity in online lendingespecially small business loans under $100,000 and consumer loans under $50,000as well as HOW TO:

  • Adopt a technology platform and customize it with your branding and underwriting
  • More efficiently serve your current small business and consumer customers
  • Deliver loans end-to-end while keeping customer data safe
  • Satisfy current underwriting procedures and risk appetite
  • Ensure the same full compliance as your paper loans
  • Promote and track the service

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Chairman, R.C. Giltner Services, Inc.

R.C. Giltner Services is a provider of digital lending technology to community banks.  He has been a frequent speaker on cloud-based digital technology, including at the recent ABA National Community Banking Conference, BAI Retail Delivery Conference, Sheshunoff CEO Forums, SNL Community Banking Conference, the Bank CEO Network and the ALTLend conference, among others.