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With more than 2 billion active users on Facebook, 1.5 billion on YouTube and a projected 275 million Twitter users by 2020, it is easy to see the influence that social media has on businesses today. Whether you want to accept it or not, social media is where your current and potential customers are—every day.

Plenty of financial institutions, however, struggle to stay on top of their social channels.

After initially setting up social accounts, it is common to feel overwhelmed by how much there is to do, from monitoring mentions, to answering complaints, to managing your team.

If you want your financial institution to take advantage of the benefits of social media–including improving customer response and protecting your brand–but you don’t seem to have the resources to do so, social media automation can help.

This one-hour webinar presents five social media challenges that financial institutions commonly face and demonstrates how an automated solution can solve them. 

  1. Finding & Engaging with Your Community
    • Why you should be actively 'listening' for your brand in cyberspace, even if you do not create social media posts
    • How automated searches can monitor the web/social networks and assist financial institutions in responding to issues       
  2. Spreading Social Media Responsibilities... Responsibly!
    • Integrate users and groups into workflow functions
    • Create approval procedures with checks and balances to prevent posts from going live without prior approval
  3. Overseeing Team Members’ Posts & Keeping Them Compliant
    • Present options for monitoring and/or integrating employee profiles into your institution's social media platform
  4. Preparing for an Audit
    • The importance of archiving and storing data for reporting purposes
    • The key reports you need for a successful audit
  5. Monitoring Review Sites & Responding
    • Retrieve and manage reviews left across the web
    • How negative reviews can lead to operational improvements

Don't let limited time and resources prevent your institution from executing a robust social media strategy.

Watch this webinar today to learn how an automated platform can solve your most common social media challenges... and more!

 This webinar is especially useful for: Bank and Credit Union Marketing, Social Media & Compliance Officers & Teams



Administrative Director for Insight CRM Solutions, developer of Social IQ

Sara has a Masters in Education and is responsible for customer support, training, compliance, report generation, and audit preparation.  
About Insight CRM Solutions
Insight CRM Solutions, LLC is a Birmingham, AL-based software company dedicated to providing marketing solutions to community banks and credit unions.

Insight CRM Solutions introduced Social IQ to assist financial institutions in managing their risk assessment strategy surrounding social media compliance. By implementing Social IQ, financial institutions can more easily comply with regulatory requirements, allowing them to actively participate in social media without the risk of incurring compliance violations.