Managing Deposit Fees: 
Price With Precision to Save Time & Increase Income 


What your financial institution is losing in margin compression, you must gain in non-interest income or fees. In fact, retail deposit fees can make up 70 percent of non-interest income for community banks. But many institutions set fees based on outdated fee studies, or by sacrificing time and accuracy 'calling around' to get the information.

Financial institutions that set fees without regard to local competition and national trends are jeopardizing their fee income opportunities. So, how can your financial institution price with precision to stay ahead of the competition and maximize non-interest income?

In this webinar, YOU WILL LEARN how to: 

  • Quickly monitor competitors' fees in your state, such as overdraft, monthly service charges, ATMs and wire transfers
  • Price your fees competitively even during 'off-cycle' adjustment periods
  • Save time and increase pricing accuracy
  • Identify product development opportunities that could translate into increased revenue and service to accountholders

Whether you are analyzing your own financial institution’s rates and fees, developing new products, or concerned with a competitor, getting your retail deposit fees right is essential.