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This webinar is especially useful for: Bank and Credit Union Marketing, Social Media & Compliance Officers & Teams

Most financial institutions today realize that if they are not on social media, they are behind. Whether your institution has only a minimal presence on social media or if you have a robust team of 'Tweeters,' there are always opportunities for improvement. 

In this 60-minute on-demand webinar, we will explore new trends in social media marketing and teach you how to capitalize on them to improve your institution's overall performance.

Our speaker–Sara Harris, Administrative Director for Insight CRM Solutions–will review the most popular social media platforms and provide tips that can streamline your efforts and optimize your messaging.

Finally, the webinar will provide a review of timeless compliance concerns that should never be ignored, regardless of how sophisticated your social media efforts are.

In this informative webinar, the speaker will provide:  

  • Update on Popular Social Media Platforms
    • Stats on social media use and growth 
    • Tips for Posting to Facebook; Instagram; Twitter; LinkedIn; YouTube 
  • Strategies to Capitalize on New Trends in Social Media
    • Using Employees to Amplify Your Brand
    • Getting the Most Out of a YouTube Channel
    • Monitoring and Managing Review Sites 
  • Timeless Information
    • The Growing Importance of Social Media
    • FFIEC Guidance
* Attendees can receive a FREE 60-day trial of Social IQ™–the online social media management platform for financial institutionsby registering for a no-obligation software demo after the webinar.



Administrative Director for Insight CRM Solutions, developer of Social IQ

Sara has a Masters in Education and is responsible for customer support, training, compliance, report generation, and audit preparation.  
About Insight CRM Solutions
Insight CRM Solutions, LLC is a Birmingham, AL-based software company dedicated to providing marketing solutions to community banks and credit unions.

Insight CRM Solutions introduced Social IQ to assist financial institutions in managing their risk assessment strategy surrounding social media compliance. By implementing Social IQ, financial institutions can more easily comply with regulatory requirements, allowing them to actively participate in social media without the risk of incurring compliance violations.