Deposit Rate Webinar

Now that the Federal Reserve has started raising the Fed Funds rate, bank and credit union executives must re-examine their deposit rates (Money Market Accounts, CDs, etc.) to ensure profitability and accuracy. However, you run the risk of getting wrong or outdated competitive pricing data if you rely on phone calls, website searches or free pricing tools.

Join guest speakers are from Market Rates Insight, Alex Reyes and Rick Barham to learn how to easily and economically obtain comprehensive, in-depth deposit rate data utilizing timely, cloud-based, data management tools.

View webinar today to learn how to:

  • Search competitor and products in various geographies
  • Obtain competitor pricing reports, delivered in a format that suits your needs
  • Get emails as soon as competitors adjust rates
  • Be notified of competitors' specials and promotions

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Rick Barham, Market Rates Insight
Alex Reyes, Market Rates Insight

Founder and CEO,

Market Rates Insight

Vice President of Sales,
Market Rates Insight