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For banking leaders today, being on top of industry activity regarding cybersecurity has never been more important.

This one-hour webinar features a myriad of resources from the marketplace and government that institutions can draw upon to improve their cybersecurity infrastructures. 

The speaker, a cybersecurity advocate and expert, will present tangible steps that everyone at your institution—from the boardroom to the tellers—can take to help strengthen your organization's cybersecurity program.

You will learn:

  • The minimum standards and requirements to prepare for, track and respond to potentially catastrophic hacks, as suggested by the Federal Reserve Board, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and the Financial Institutions Examination Council.
  • How your institution can take advantage of best practices from new resources and their response approaches, including lessons from the nation’s biggest banks.
  • How to assess cloud-based technologies and why they may provide an added level of security.
  • How you can get involved as a matter of public policy and security for your institution.
  • Why you Should Consider Mapping to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

After this webinar, you will feel empowered to take action and shape your cybersecurity future!

REGISTER to watch the webinar and gain access to the speaker's exclusive white paper, "Banking & Cybersecurity: How to Protect Profitability With Five Efficient Steps" as well as a list of resources referenced in the webinar.


Dawn Yankeelov

President, Aspectx

Dawn Marie Yankeelov is president of US-based Aspectx, which serves an international marketplace of technology, banking and government institutions looking for a competitive understanding to develop strategies that assist in their profitability, growth and efficiency.

A marketing and public relations practitioner for 29+ years, Yankeelov specializes in communications for the banking, security and government sectors. 

She is a champion of cybersecurity policy and serves as executive director of the Kentucky area tech council (TALK), and is active in CompTia, the largest U.S. IT trade association, as well as TECNA (Tech Councils of America).



Yankeelov has strong ties to federal agencies involved in cybersecurity policy, cybersecurity planning and cyber education methodologies, including NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology) and its NICE (National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education) Framework. 

Her articles on tech topics have appeared in various publications, includingThe Lane Report, Tech Republic, MedCityNews, InformationToday, Electronic House and Louisville Business First.