The absence of a thorough succession could derail a bank's strategy, opening it up to a takeover.

American Banker Magazine

Like death and taxes, it is inevitable that senior leadership at your institution will leave their jobs. Ensuring the transition yields the best possible outcome for everyone (regulators, analysts, employees, shareholders, customers and members) requires a detailed, well-communicated SUCCESSION plan.

Even if your institution has no planned changes for the near future, it is wise to take action today to identify and develop the key components of a long-term SUCCESSION STRATEGY. The proper plan aligns leadership, develops future talent and prepares the right people to continue to run the institution whatever the circumstances.

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The session features a case study of a 113-year-old, $500MM community bank that took proactive steps regarding its Succession Plan. The speakers share that institution's goals, process and outcomes, and introduce a straightforward approach you can adapt and personalize for your financial institution. This proven course of action maximizes your existing assets, while identifying and developing leadership talent for the years ahead.

This informative and engaging 60-minute webinar presents key components of a Succession Plan, including:

  • Working as One Team
  • Clarity around Main Goals
  • Defining Key Behaviors for Success
  • Identifying Future Leaders
  • Talent Development
  • Improving Institution-Wide Communication
  • Developing a Pro-Millennial Work Environment

Join speakers Jeff Peden, MEd and Lisa Schardein of Culture Docs™, a leadership and performance consulting group specializing in creating healthy workplace cultures, for this on-demand WEBINAR. 

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Culture Docs™

Jeff Peden, The Great Ideas! Guy℠, is an International Speaker, Consultant, and Author. His new book—How To Grow Your Business Without Spending Money—reveals Four Core Strategies that increase an organization’s performance, productivity, and revenues, while lowering operating costs. 

Jeff has graduate degrees in both Training & Development and Counseling.

Culture Docs™

Lisa Schardein is a Principal at Current360 for 22 years and has held several positions in the full-service marketing company including Creative Director, Account Executive and her current position as Chief Operating Officer. 

Lisa also has a passion for creating a great work culture and has been instrumental in implementing programs and teams that help ensure that her co-workers actually enjoy coming to the office each day and have the tools, environment and flexibility to produce great work. 

Lisa graduated from the University of Louisville with Honors in Communications and a minor in Graphic Design.