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Over the last 20 years most financial institutions have partnered with a third-party overdraft provider. If you are one of those institutions and you haven't heard from your provider lately, or they haven't updated their software, you need to ask yourself:

“What has my overdraft provider done for me lately?” 

Ideally, a provider works proactively as a partner to your financial institution, understanding and anticipating your goals and needs. However, all too often, that is not the case.

During this one-hour webinar, industry expert Erik Hoghaug will provide a 'road map' to evaluate your current overdraft provider in critical areas, such as technology advancements; program costs; and ongoing support & program evaluation.

You will learn a number of key performance metrics that your provider (or you) should track in order to ensure world-class service to your account holders, risk management, and maintenance of this valuable source of revenue. The presenter will define and explain the importance of analyzing data pertaining to:

  • Overdraft Limit Calculation Strategy
  • Revenue vs. Charge-Offs
  • Overdraft Activity by Payment Channel
  • Reg E Opt-Ins and Debit Denials
  • Counseling Strategies & Communication

Even if your institution does not currently utilize a third-party overdraft provider, you will benefit from learning the 'must-have' elements of an optimized overdraft service. 

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Hoghaug Consulting, LLC

Erik Hoghaug has over 20 years of extensive experience in the financial industry. His most recent work has been in the area of short-term liquidity products and how financial institutions can effectively operate these services in an increasing regulatory intense environment. Erik has worked with hundreds of financial institutions and has been a frequent speaker at various banking conferences.